Join our Xfire league!

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I (Eric) have created an Xfire league for the FCGL at It features a calendar and forums, so you can both keep track of upcoming game times and discuss previous games. You can also discuss upcoming games, problems with your game disks, Force-Cast episodes, etc. And feel free to post your birthdays and other important events that pertain to our league on the calendar.


Inaugural FCGL Games!

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The first two games of the FCGL will be held at the following times:

  • On Friday, November 23 at 11:38 AM EST, we will be playing Battlefront II
  • On Saturday, November 24 at 8 PM ES, we will be playing Battlefront II and Republic Commando

I (Eric) will be hosting the servers.  Anyone planning to attend either of the events should show up about ten minutes before the starting time so I can initiate a group chat session.  Anyone with compatible hardware can also join a group voice chat.  Remember, you are expected have have an Xfire account before the game starts to facilitate easier communication and documentation (screenshots).  See you there!


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Gaming league members should remember to register with Xfire so we can initiate group chat and keep track of screenshots, hours played, etc.


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Welcome to the official homepage of the Force-Cast Gaming League.  It is here that you will find information about upcoming games, highlights from previous games, in-game screenshots, and much more.  Check back often for updates!